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Our basic raw material (timber of the Pinus species) is sourced from suppliers that uphold the principles of responsible and sustainable forest management, which are environmentally appropriate, economically viable and socially beneficial.

Forest ecologies of South Africa are a global treasure, and are home to incredible bio-diversity, and certainly contain the most unique flora and fauna. They also contribute to the benefit of the global environment by re-cycling carbon dioxide and countering the 'greenhouse effect' in global warming, and of course represent a renewable resource.


Importantly, NST is constantly engaged in on-going research to extend the useful life of its products, which benefits the client in the long term, but ultimately benefits the well-being of the planet, along with the efforts of many others around the globe.


Mission statement:
NST Marketing CC is a medium sized, close corporation, engaged in the creation and design of organic solidwood housing structures, procurement of solidwood structural and related components, assembly and preparation of components for delivery, and provision of logistical support, with emphasis on the provision of a safe working environment for its processing associates and partners.

Core Occupational Health and Saftey business philosophy:
Core to our business philosophy and approach, and successful implementation of the Occupational Health and Safety Program is that our employees are encouraged to apply their time and talent to help solve occupational health and safety problems within the work environment. NST recognizes its corporate responsibility under the Occupational Health & Safety Act (Act No. 85 of 1993), as amended and associated legislation.

Occupational Health and Saftey Vision:
We strive for a prosperous, equitable and safe working environment where all activities are conducted in harmony with our natural resources, (aligned with NST's OHS MISSION : To conduct sustainable development of our business endeavours for a better life for all through protecting and constantly striving to improve the quality and safety of the working environment).
We strive to contribute to a society where every citizen has equal access to quality health care and is able to live in an environment which supports quality health through access for all to clean water, healthy food and sanitary living conditions. In order to achieve this vision NST is committed to continuously building capacity through ongoing safety awareness training and occupational health and safety competencies and skills development of its workforce.
This Policy is underpinned by the Occupational Health and Safety Management Control and Accountability System ("OHS MCS") which will, where possible, reasonable and practicable, prevent damage or impairment to the environment as well as conserving natural resources, and minimize health and safety risk at the workplace.

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Sales International:
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