• The more a home lives in harmony with it’s natural surroundings, the more
    rewarding it is to your spirit & senses….NST always…..
NST solidwood homes… use a sustainable, renewable, natural raw material, to create all the essential elements of structure…

…which contribute to the health, happiness and well-being of it’s occupants…which…

…when placed lightly and harmoniously on the building site, achieves a fusion with nature…
…and ecologically sensitive sites benefit from our isolated, pre-cast, concrete footings, pole columns and suspended platforms…leaving them minimally disturbed and cleaner than masonry-based construction sites.
…our buildings…envelope you with a natural, breathable envelope…unlike many others which enclose you in a metal foil / plastic sheet / reinforced steel cage, or pollute your interior with synthetic composite material…while we allow natural diffusion of air through porous materials…

…the ultimate combination…stone, solidwood and slate…
…and more inspirations from far and wide…
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Cell: 082 44 66 300
Fax: 044 38 26 535

Sales International:
Cell: +27 82 44 66 300
Fax: +27 44 38 26 535

NST - Solidwood Homes
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  • "Everything has it’s beauty, but not everyone sees it " | (Confucius)             
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