• The flexibility of NST designs, give you endless possibility for personal     
Structural Develpment STRUCTURAL… design is the all important core activity which converts nature's gift of raw material, into your dream project. Here we have a proud tradition of excellence, using our timber technology skills, combined with artistic talents, and of course years of accumulated experience…your home now becomes more than the sum of it's parts…

CUSTOM-CRAFTING… and pre-assembly in our controlled in-house production plant, benefits our clients in the following ways:

  • You have ownership of an acquisitively crafted, tangible asset, in kit form, before on-site assembly takes place.
  • It is your guarantee that assembly on site will be correct and speedily done, without damage to components.
  • The inherent beauty of the material we use is fashioned into each individual component, and quality controlled with care.
  • All components are pre-cut and pressure treated only after trimming, so that all surfaces are treatment protected…unlike so many on-site operators, who purchase treated timber and trim on site to expose vulnerable untreated areas of timber.
Custom Crafting And…of course, all components are reference-coded, which together with easy-to-read assembly drawings and pre-packaged, labeled assembly hardware, make our buildings a pleasure to assemble, whether you are an experienced builder, or first-time DIY enthusiast. In any event technical support is always just a phone call away…24 / 7.

TREATMENT… of all components used in our structures is comprehensively done by a vacuum pressure process, and protects against insect attack, fungal decay and termite activity. Of great importance is the fact that treatment is done after components are profiled and cut to exact length providing for optimal long term protection.
Treatment Treatment Treatment

Maintenance MAINTENANCE… is reduced to a minimum on solidwood homes, if recommended procedures and coatings are regularly applied, it is generally less expensive than masonry homes over the long term.

DIY DIY… ready-to-assemble NST kits have been successfully built by aficionado's ranging from absolute amateurs, to masonry specialists, to timber construction professionals, for more than 30 years. You choose the extent of your DIY input, and you can decide to purchase either a partial kit or a 100% complete kit, including cupboards, plumbing, electrics, glazing, and liquid finishes.

Alterations ALTERATIONS… the beauty of NST solidwood homes are that they can be easily modified / extended, to meet the needs of growth into the future. For example, one of our oldest resorts in Knysna has been modified no less than three times, to extend its useful life for the continued enjoyment of all. Many of our oldest original log homes, have been totally relocated (often multiple times), to new building sites after disassembly and re-assembly.

We pride ourselves in being able to provide original and matching spare parts for buildings more than forty years after construction…

FIRE… ratings of solidwood houses conform to local authority standards, in particular those prescribed by the SABS in South-Africa. Our TIMBERLOG homes are particularly resistant, since they have a tendency to self-extinguish in a fire scenario.

Accoustic ACOUSTICS… solidwood homes behave differently to that of masonry structures, and require special care in the design process…your sales consultant will advise.

THERMAL… performance is interesting in that solidwood insulates, while masonry tends to absorb and store thermal energy. This provides great opportunities for the solidwood designer, to create thermally comfortable homes.

Extreme Weather EXTREME WEATHER… NST solidwood homes are highly resistant to extreme winds, earthquake shock and water related damage. This is a function of exceptional shear and racking resistance of the floor, wall & roof elements, and the use of solidwood throughout, as opposed to re-constituted, composite materials, which are generally water sensitive. Overturning and uplifting forces are countered by a combination of base post anchorage and high mass roof cover.
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NST - Solidwood Homes

VERMIN… for areas prone to infestation by bats, rats & nesting insects (typical of the tropics) using our solidwood exterior walls and internal partitions, is the ultimate solution for peace of mind.

Advantages ADVANTAGES... to understand more about the advantages of timber, we attach a bulletin issued by Scandinavian experts in the field of wood processing and utilization, which makes interesting reading.
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